Frequently Asked Questions

We try to provide as much information as possible on our website to help you order the school uniform you need quickly and correctly, and to deal withy any queries that may arise once your order is dispatched or delivered. Our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) cover the common questions we receive from customers and may be the quickest way to help you with your particular query.

A: If you have forgotten your login password, simply click the 'Lost password' button on the login page. You'll be asked to enter the email address of your registered email account, where a new password will be sent. Use this new password to login to your account on the jdmchooluniforms.com website. For security reasons, we strongly recommend changing the new password immediately (go to 'My Account' after you've logged in).
A: Firstly log in to the website, then go to 'My Account' at the top of the page. From here you'll be able to update your personal details such as name, address, email and password.
A: To view your previous orders, please log in using your email address and password, go to 'My Account' using the link at the top of the page. All of your previous orders can be viewed on this page.
A: Click on FIND YOUR SCHOOL UNIFORM on the homepage of the website to search for schools that have agreed to use our service for their approved logo School Uniform.
In the search box type school name or postcode. When your school appears, click on it to see the school uniform items approved by your school. Click on the school uniform item you would like to purchase.
Select the color if applicable and select the size required. Add to your shopping basket. To select another item click continue shopping and repeat the above. When you have selected all items click Proceed to Checkout. At checkout stage you will be asked to register you details and an account will be set-up for you. Then proceed to delivery address and payment section
Next time you visit our website and you have registered you can login to you account and chosen school using your email address and password you have used at the registration stage.
A: We're working with hundreds of schools across the country. If you're unable to find your school, it may be that we've not started working with your school. Please contact our dedicated support team, and we'll do our best to help. We will ask you to supply the full school postal address, so please have this ready when contacting us. Thank you.
A: Please check the size chart on our website. Alternatively, please email your size query and details of the item so we can check for you.
A: Unfortunately, we are unable to apply a logo onto any item that has not been officially approved by the school and their governing body.
A: Please email us with the details of any new delivery instructions as soon as possible so that the order can be updated. Once dispatched, we cannot change any delivery instructions.
A: If you need to change anything on your order after submitting the payment, please email us with the order number and the items you would like to change on your order as soon as possible. We will attempt to make the necessary changes although this is not always possible if the items have already been produced / dispatched.
A: We recommend that you bring in your child to try on in our dressing rooms before purchase.
Some of our customers do not like this policy.
Unfortunately, one of the reasons for no returns is because of food and pet allergies. Once the clothing goes out of our store we can't guarantee the environment it has been in.
This policy is in place to protect our customers from purchasing items that have been previously used and returned.
When we sell something we are confident that it is a brand new high quality item.
A: This option is available
We offer free pick up from store, but not available all year round, specially during back to school season.
If you didn't see this option on your checkout, so it means that its not available at the moment.
A: We are never out of stock for any of the main school uniform items
but it can happen for a closeout item or some custom items.
So we always recommend to contact us during our business hours to find out, may be its just an online error.
A: We are never out of stock for any of the main school uniform items
but it can happen for a closeout item or some custom items.
So we always recommend to contact us during our business hours to find out, may be its just an online error.
A: we calculate our shipping and handling rates according to item weight.
example: short sleeve polo is 0.5lbs and long sleeve polo is 1lbs, etc...
Bigger sizes may have a different rate.
A: We do not cover any loss or damage for any package during delivery.
Usually we provide a tracking number to track your package online, and If it shows Delivered so we considered as sale completed. And we cannot offer you any kind of help.
If your Mail man couldn't deliver it to your house for any reason, so please contact your local post office to reschedule your delivery.
In case of non delivered within 10 days, please contact us immediately, to check if the post office returned your package back to us for any reason.
Anyway all Priority mail are insured for $50, so please contact your post office for more details.
A: Sometimes we are not able to issue an instant refund or partial refund, but we can issue a store credit to your online account that you can use it at any time.
Please contact us immediately and will do our best to solve any problem asap.
A: Not really, but In case of emergency please contact us via Contact us and/or Send text message to (201) 596-4035 [SMS Only]. and someone will get back to you asap.